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Team Building Escape Room in Philadelphia

How a Team Building Escape Room in Philadelphia Can Boost Your Business.

Have you heard about the escape room sensation that has been taking over the nation? If you have, you likely are already familiar with many of the tertiary benefits that these live-action puzzle-solving experiences can offer. If you aren't familiar with escape rooms, you've come to the right place to learn about them. Escape rooms first rose to prominence in the early 2010s. Before long, it was easy to find an escape room for corporate events in Philadelphia as well as the rest of the country. People quickly came to realize that escape rooms were about more than having a good time, they were about working together. If you want to find a team building escape room in Philadelphia for your team or business, you need to set your sights on MindEscape.
MindEscape is an escape room as well as a celebrated team building activity in Philadelphia. Founded by Vee Bak, MindEscape incorporates some of the most exciting and interesting live puzzle experiences in the entire industry. Located in Philadelphia, PA, MindEscape is the perfect escape room for corporate events in Philadelphia. Let's look over a few ways that MindEscape can help to accommodate your next corporate booking.
Here at MindEscape, we offer an array of large party booking options. While we have been focused on corporate events, our escape room facility is available for birthdays, bachelor parties, and old-fashioned team building. We can host any corporate or celebratory event that you have in mind. The MindEscape facility can handle up to 28 people every single hour with eight people inhabiting a room at the same time. For larger parties, booking the Thai Prison experience can be a great way to accommodate up to 12 players at a time. If you are committed to having a larger group for your team building activity in Philadelphia, merely call ahead so the team at MindEscape can accommodate you and your experience.
What makes MindEscape a great place for these group team building events is the customizability that we offer our attendees. If you are hosting a special event, we can customize your escape room in order to make the day more special. If you want us to help with a marriage proposal or a corporate party game, just let us know. We have an open mind and are willing to help our group events have the experiences that they are looking for!
When you book your team building activity in Philadelphia with MindEscape, you get to treat yourself to a special experience. You can park at Target Park's garage so long as you bring your parking ticket with you. Our GameMasters will be more than happy to help you with parking as well as establishing your game.

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