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We don't like to sacrifice quality for gimmicks. All our rooms are family-friendly, and understandable across all languages. Whether you're a seasoned veteran, a newcomer on the search for mystery, or looking for something new and challenging, we have a room for you.


A Murderer Most Foul

It is the year 1888, and the streets of Victorian-Era London are awash with blood. The notorious "Jack The Ripper" terrorizes the city, leaving the citizens in a state of fear and desperation. You and your team of highly skilled detectives have been tirelessly searching for the culprit for months, hoping to put an end to the madness once and for all.

Finally, a new lead emerges, and you are convinced that this is the break you have been waiting for. You set out to celebrate with your team, relieved that the city will finally be safe. But your relief is short-lived as you suddenly find yourself waking up in a dark basement, shackled and confused.

Now it looks like Jack was closing in on you instead. As you wake up, groggy and shackled in a dark basement, a sinister aura sets in. The stench of blood fills the air, and you realize with horror that you have fallen right into the trap. You have no recollection of how you got there, but it’s so clear who orchestrated it all. The Ripper. You played right into his hands. A man like that isn’t going to get caught again, he’ll disappear without a trace. You know that if you don't stop him now, you and your team will be lost forever!


The stakes couldn't be higher as you struggle to piece together what happened and how you can escape. Time is running out, and the only chance you have to bring the Ripper to justice is to summon all of your skills, knowledge, and determination to outsmart him and his twisted game.

This isn't just any other case. 

An UNCANNY and detailed
detective MYSTERY

Perfect for detailed problem solvers, observant experts and murder mystery fans of any age.


60 minutes


2-8 players






cinematic SURVIVAL skills challenge

Perfect for first timers, escape room traditionalists, and large groups.
ADA Accessible 


60 minutes


2-12 players

Private Booking:





Trouble In Paradise

It was a really long flight, but you’re finally here. Your long awaited vacation is about to begin. Sure, the security at Bangkok International is really tight, but it’ll all be over in a couple of minutes. Soon it’ll be nothing but warm beaches, jungle adventures, and eternal memories. Thailand awaits.


That is, until the unexpected occurs. You’re picked up by airport security and taking to a lonely table with a single lamp light overhead. That’s when they start interrogating you. Wild accusations about. Then the kicker. They found heavy amounts of contraband in your luggage. But that can’t be right! You kick, scream and protest, but no one comes to your defense.


You were framed for it all, but who’s gonna believe you? You’re not a criminal.  But if you weren’t one before, you’re gonna have to become one to save your skin. In about 60 minutes, the officers will be back to take you to their maximum security facility. After that, You’ve heard what they do to people in those prisons. So what are you gonna do? Sit in your cell and cry about it? No other option but to stage the greatest prison break this country has ever seen.

Asset 5.png

Late For This Important Date​

It was just another magical day in the Wonderland. You fell down the rabbit hole into the adventure of a lifetime, and have met many wonderful new friends along the way. Even the Queen was friendly enough to extend an invitation to her Annual Royal Tea Party.


Everything was going smoothly, until you lost her invite. Now you’ve gone and missed all the festivities, and The Queen is furious. Maybe the White Rabbit forgot to deliver it? Maybe the Cheshire Cat, up to his old tricks, stole it while you weren’t looking? Whatever the case may be, excuses wont be enough to stop the Queen’s anger. It looks like it’s gonna be off with your head!’re able to turn BACK time. That way you can make it to the Tea Party right before it originally started. At least that’s what The Mad Hatter suggested. You can’t help but laugh. Turn back TIME??? It’s an impossible task, but The Hatter insists it’s simpler than you think. However, can he really be trusted? He is mad after all. Well, with The Queen out to get you, it looks like you don’t really have a choice. So you head off to The Hatter’s House, hoping to keep your head intact!

obstacle course

Perfect for time trials, skill focused teams, and puzzle enthusiasts
who want to search less and more.


75 minutes


3-8 players

MUST have 3+ players





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