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Welcome to the Family, Milkboy!

We here at MindEscape are excited to announce a new partnership with the iconic Philadelphia entertainment hub and restaurant, Milkboy South Street! Milkboy and MindEscape have always been neighbors and friends, but this new collaboration is exciting for many reasons.

MilkBoy South Street, located right across the street from MindEscape.

A Bigger Venue

Now MindEscape is able to coordinate with Milkboy to house larger events than ever before. MindEscape already boasts the largest escape rooms in the city, with 12 people able to do our Thai Prison Escape at the same time. Now we can house groups anywhere between 10-65 utilizing MilkBoy's esteemed upstairs show venue. And with new bar and food pricing options for big groups, you can offer your team one of the most exclusive experiences in Philadelphia. What do you have in mind? Talk to us about your dream event here!

Dine & Play, All Day, Any Day.

Even if you're not a massive corporation, camp or wedding party, but still have an appetite for adventure, we have plenty of deals, promotions and exciting surprises for MindEscape customers to Milkboy and vice versa. But you'll have to come on down to see what all the fuss is about! Hope to see you soon!


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