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Mystery Escape Room in Philadelphia

Make Memories At MindEscape in the Best Mystery Escape Room in Philadelphia

Are you looking for a fun way to show your children a good time? Do you want a form of entertainment that is a little more immersive than a movie or a video game? If you are on the hunt for a fun way to spend some time with your family, you need to set your sights on MindEscape, a family-friendly escape room in Philadelphia.
MindEscape was established by Vee Bak after she moved to Philadelphia, PA, from Tel Aviv. Using her own visionary prowess, Bak helped to cultivate a team of escape room professionals that are as good at putting on a show as they are setting one up! As the best Mystery escape room in Philadelphia, MindEscape certainly has plenty to offer to families of all sizes. If you want to see what a family-friendly escape room in Philadelphia has to offer, explore the details below!
When you first set up your booking with MindEscape, you'll need to set your sights on a specific room. With Halloween in full-swing, we are focused on providing our customers with a thrilling and chilling experience that is destined to get the heart racing! We currently offer three exciting horror-themed rooms including our Jack the Ripper experience, the Thai Prison Escape, and our Alice in Wonderland escape room. All three escape rooms provide their own unique set of challenges as well as their own unique storyline. Thanks to our professional team of entertainers, you'll really feel like you are diving into an exciting and chilling adventure.
While MindEscape offers darker themed escape rooms, all of the puzzles are family-friendly. Children as young as two-years-old have accompanied their guardians on runs through our various escape rooms. If you are interested but unsure of which room to book, consider calling our team in order to hear their thoughts firsthand!

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