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Competitive Escape Room in Philadelphia

Beating The Most Competitive Escape Room in Philadelphia.

If you've been plugged into the pop-culture landscape recently, you've likely paid some measure of attention to the excitement surrounding Escape Rooms. Escape Rooms are immersive and interactive games that can be played with a group of strangers or with your own group of guests. As a devout lover of all things pertaining to puzzles and roleplaying experiences, I knew that I needed to find the best escape room in my area in order to really see the game myself. On my journey toward finding the best competitive escape room in Philadelphia, I ended up at the doors of MindEscaper.
MindEscape is a visionary experienced developed by Vee Bak and her team of entertainment professionals. Bak moved from Tel Aviv to the city of Brotherly Love in order to pursue her dream of opening the most competitive escape room in Philadelphia. After making the decision to make the move, she focused on curating a team of escape room professionals that will give her guests the experience of their dreams. Now a fully-stocked and immersive escape room in my area, MindEscape has something to offer to almost everyone.
First and foremost, you are going to want to set your sights on their list of available rooms to book. Finding the best escape room in Philadelphia is all about making sure that you pick something that is right for you. Starting at the top, MindEscape currently offers three fascinating, terrifying, and enjoyable escape rooms that are all themed for Halloween. If you want a darker escape room experience that is perfect for adults and couples, consider giving Jack the Ripper an opportunity. With Jack the Ripper, your team of escape artists will be transported back to 1888 in Victorian London. You'll have to solve complex puzzles as the clock ticks away, threatening to have you end up as Jack's next victim! This room is perfect for two to eight players and has a typical duration of 60 minutes.
For a competitive escape room in Philadelphia that is a little friendlier to children and larger families, I might be inclined to book the Alice in Wonderland room at MindEscape. Decked out from head to toe with the colorful artwork that we associate with the legendary property, Alice in Wonderland has never looked better. Your group will have to navigate the mystical world of Wonderland as you attempt to make it on time for your very important dinner reservation. Don't be too trusting, however, everything is not as it seems in Wonderland.
Whether you are looking to book the best escape room in Philadelphia for a birthday party or a corporate event, MindEscape is more than suited to help you out. If you are looking for a good time, do what I did, let MindEscape take care of business!

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