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Our escape room games are built from scratch and were formed after months of research, development, and custom designOur Philadelphia escape room location was launched with an amazing adventure themed after a Thai Police Station. Critical thinking, Creativity, and a sense of adventure are all you need to challenge one of our thrilling escape room games in Philly.

Escape Thai Prison

One of your group members tried to smuggle illegal substance through the Bangkok International Airport. The Thailand police have a zero-tolerance policy for drug dealers, and they put you in holding to await your transportation to prison. While detained, a riot breaks out and the police are too busy to keep track of everyone. Now is your chance, do YOU have what it takes to escape?

Duration: 60 minutes.
Price: $30 per person.
Group size: 4-11
Great for: experienced as well as new to the genre.
Awesome time: Guaranteed!

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MindEscape Jack The Ripper Escape Room thumbnail

Jack The Ripper

Coming October 2017!

It is the autumn of 1888, roaming the streets of London’s east end is the notorious serial killer “Jack the Ripper.” His shadow of terror sweeps through the dark cobblestone streets and alleys of one of the darkest slums in London.


Coming October 2017!

Stay tuned and stay in touch

Escape What?

You and a group of friends are placed in a “room” and need to collaborate and think outside the box in order to solve the mystery in 60 minutes or under. Does your group have the problem solving skills to conquer our Philly escape the room?

Where are we?

We are located in Queens Village Philadelphia on 4th st, between South and Lombard st. Close to I-95 and Center City Philly.

How many players?

Anywhere between 2-12 players, depends on the room. You may be grouped with others, but trust us – it’s more fun! Private rooms can also be booked. Upon request and over 8 players we may grant a private booking for free.

Any age restrictions?

There is no age restriction really, but if you are under 16, you should be accompanied by an adult

How long?

Our escape games are designed to last under 60 minutes. If you are a genre enthusiast, you may get out faster.

Any Special Knowledge?

No Special knowledge required! If you have finished middle school, and watched a bunch of thriller Movies, you should be good to go!

What if there is an Emergency?

Our rooms are fully up to code and monitored the entire time both with video and audio. In case of an emergency (fire, loss of power, etc…), all doors unlock automatically. All doors are equipped with emergency release buttons as well. You are 100% safe at all times!