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Our Rooms

Our escape room games are built from scratch and were formed after months of research, development, and custom design.

Our Philadelphia escape room location was launched with an amazing adventure themed after escaping Thai Prison. Critical thinking, creativity, and a sense of adventure are all you need to challenge one of our thrilling escape room games in Philly.

Escape from Thai Prison

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One of your group members tried to smuggle illegal substance through the Bangkok International Airport. The Thailand authorities have a zero-tolerance policy for drug dealers, and they put you in holding to await your transportation to prison. While detained, a riot breaks out, and the police officers are too busy to keep track of everyone. Escape Room Philadelphia

Now is your chance, do YOU have what it takes to escape?

Duration: 60 minutes.
Price: $30 per person.
Group size: 2-12
Great for: experienced as well as new to the genre.
Awesome time: Guaranteed!

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MindEscape Jack The Ripper Escape Room thumbnail

Escape Jack The Ripper

Coming end of Feb 2018!

Room Buildout is nearing its end! Stay tuned we will be testing in upcoming weeks!

It is the autumn of 1888, roaming the streets of London’s east end is the notorious serial killer “Jack the Ripper.” His shadow of terror sweeps through the dark cobblestone streets and alleys of one of the darkest slums in London.

Customers Love Us!

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Definitely awesome and unique !

Such a great escape room. I’ve done a dozen of these now and this is definitely an awesome and unique one! So immersive. The puzzles are challenging but not impossible.

Deyna Hamilton

We’ve done close to 30 of these escape rooms!

Had a great time, we’ve done close to 30 of these escape rooms and have a high level of expectation. This one did not disappoint and the game master was great!

Jordan Roth

My bachelorette party was amazing.

We came here for my bachelorette party and it was amazing. The escape room was fun and had a great concept! Definitely will be coming back!

Felicia Campbell

This one was light years better than the first!

We did the Thai Prison escape. It was an excellent experience, the puzzle design was very fun! This one was light years better than the first!


Exuberant!!! My husband and I took our 12 and 10 year old kids. We had a blast. It is a great bonding fun activity.

Merari Ramos Muneca

Do yourself a favor and check it out!

Totally Awesome! We made it out the room with about a minute and a half left to spare! We paired with another group who were just as pumped and excited as our group!

Victoria Dassi

It is totally worth it!

This was my first Escape the Room experience and it could not have been better! I went with four people, and it was extremely fun. The rooms are difficult, logically stimulating, and exciting.

Caroline Oddo

It was the highlight of our trip to Philly!

We weren’t sure how it would be for our kids ages 6-13. It was truly a group effort and was very exciting! Undoubtedly all 5 of us agree it was the highlight of our trip to Philly!

Mary Beth Fitzgerald


This experience, from start to finish, was an absolute blast! Seriously, I have only wonderful things to say about MindEscape’s Thai Prison Room. YOU HAVE TO TRY IT (THAI IT?!?) RIGHT AWAY!

Christopher Rothschild

This game reflects a lot of thought, planning, care, and a real love of escape room!

Our MindEscape visit was superb, from start to finish. We had 10 teenagers and one teacher in our group, so we had the whole Thai prison to ourselves.The decor, scenery, and props are realistic and appealing — they really set the mood.

Sahar Oz

Blown away by how fun it was!

Game master was great! Very challenging even with 5 of us! Was able to make it out with a few minutes to spare! Loved the mix of physical puzzles and mental puzzles.

Hannah Burke

Escape What?

An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. Players are given a 60-minute limit to unveil the secret plot which is hidden within the game!

Think a video game or a movie where you are the main character!
Look at the questions below, for complete list of questions visit our FAQ page 

Where are we?

We are located in Queen Village Philadelphia on 4th st, between South and Lombard st. Close to I-95 and Center City Philly.

How many players?

Anywhere between 2-12 players, depends on the room. You may be grouped with others, but trust us – it’s more fun!

Private rooms can also be booked. Upon request, and with a group larger than 8 players, we can make sure no other group will book at the same time. Just give us a call. Click the menu on the top right for different types of private events.

Any age restrictions?

There is no age restriction really. However, if your entire group is under 16, you should include 2 adults.

How long?

Our escape games are designed to last 60 minutes. If you are a genre enthusiast, you may be able to get out faster.

Plan for a 90 minutes experience; between briefing, the game, and celebratory selfies. We ask you to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment

Any Special Knowledge?

No Special knowledge required! If you have finished middle school, and watched a bunch of thriller Movies, you should be good to go!

What if there is an Emergency?

Our rooms are fully up to code and monitored the ENTIRE time both with video and audio.

In case of an emergency (fire, loss of power, etc…), all doors unlock automatically.
All doors are equipped with emergency release buttons as well.

Your safety is our top priority!