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Private Weekday Games Are Back!

Now that the new year is here, private weekday games are BACK! MindEscape is proud to be the only Philadelphia escape room that offers private weekday games at no additional cost to you or your party. If you book a game at any time, for any group number from Monday through Thursday, the game is automatically private. Now you can play your game worry-free, able to enjoy the experience all on your own.

Planning the perfect date night? With our private policy, any weekday night can be transformed into a daring romantic rescue mission, perfect for exploring your special connection. Perhaps, you're part of an an elite world renowned team of escape enthusiasts. Our private policy is perfect for squads trying to solve rooms without additional assistance. And with no person minimum for private games, you can keep your outings as intimate or expansive as you would like.

Put MindEscape on your weekday schedule, and enjoy a stress free exclusive escape experience unlike any other. Book with us today!

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