Our Rooms

Our beautiful escape room games are built from scratch and were formed after months of research, development, and custom design. Also as English is a second language for us, we made sure our games are accessible for players with less-than-perfect English-language skills, like tourist or first-generation immigrants.

Our Philadelphia escape room location was launched with an amazing adventure themed after escaping Thai Prison. Our second room, Escape Jack The Ripper, was opened a year after. Critical thinking, creativity, and a sense of adventure are all you need to challenge one of our thrilling escape room games in Philly.

Escape Jack The Ripper

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Duration: 60 minutes.
Price: $30 per person.
Group size: 2-8.
Difficulty: Hard.
Great for: Experienced as well as new to the genre.
Fright Factor: Mildly scary
Awesome time: Guaranteed!

Jack The Ripper