MindEscape Safety Anouncement, Fire in Polish escape room

Jan 5, 2019
Dear escape room lovers in Philadelphia and across the globe,

At this point, you probably have heard about the devastating tragedy that occurred in Poland yesterday. While playing an escape room game five young girls celebrating a 15th birthday were killed and a man seriously injured in a fire. It is believed the fire was caused by faulty wiring and lax security procedures at the facility.

We want to remind our escape room goers that MindEscape’s top priority is the safety of our clients and our employees. With multiple emergency precautions in place in the facility and each of our rooms, we are prepared for any and all emergencies that may occur.

Our fire precautions consist of:

  • New building abiding by the most current and strictest codes for the public entertainment industry.
  • Doors are locally and remotely controlled that automatically disengage in cases of emergency such as fire or loss of power.
  • Fire rated walls and doors that can withstand 2+ hours of fire outside of the premises.
  • Fire alarms directly connected to Philly Fire Department.
  • Clearly marked exit signs with a short distance to walk and ground level.
  • Automatic and redundant fire sprinklers.
  • Every room has a dedicated Game Master that listens AND watches the group at ALL TIMES.

These are just some of our main safety protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients.

We wish you a happy and safe new year, and to enjoy your experience!
MindEscape Team