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It is the autumn of 1888, roaming the streets of London’s east end is the notorious serial killer “Jack the Ripper.” His shadow of terror sweeps through the dark cobblestone streets and alleys of one of the darkest slums in London.

You are a group of detectives that were tasked to find out the identity of the serial killer. After accepting the mission, you go out with your group to a local pub and are offered a drink by a mysterious stranger. Next thing you know, you wake up to darkness with little recollection of how you got there… You may have only one chance to save your life and complete your mission!

The escape room is not very frightening or super scary, but it has a dark atmosphere that puts you in 19th century Victorian London environment. Test your crew to see if you can solve this escape room mystery!

    Duration: 60 minutes.
    Price: $29 per person.
    Group size: 2-8.
    Private Booking: Any booking on a weekday, OR for 5+ players!
    Difficulty: Hard.
    Great for: Experienced as well as new to the genre.
    Fright Factor: Mildly scary.
    Awesome time: Guaranteed!

Jack The Ripper