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Best Escape Room in Philadelphia

Where is the Best Escape Room in Philadelphia?

Doesn't it seem like there are very few ways for larger groups or families to entertain themselves out in public? Unless you are planning on drinking or going out to a movie, it feels like there are few fun ways to spend time together while out on the town. If you are looking to take advantage of unique group events, you should consider heading to the best escape room in Philadelphia, MindEscape.
MindEscape is a challenging escape room in Philadelphia that was founded by Vee Bak. Vee Bak explored some of the most unique and exciting escape rooms in the world while she lived in Tel Aviv. After coming to live in Philadelphia, Bak decided that she would bring that same level of excitement, intrigue, and competitive puzzle-solving to Philadelphia. More than just a way to spend a fun evening, MindEscape is the top boutique escape room in Philadelphia for a reason.
Booking a room at MindEscape is as simple as browsing through their creative selection of options. As a boutique escape room in Philadelphia, MindEscape is able to offer truly unique rooms to their guests and customers. If you want the most challenging escape room in Philadelphia, you'll want to set your sights on the 'Alice in Wonderland' themed room at MindEscape. This incredible room has been decked out from floor to ceiling with everything that will remind you of Alice and her lovely Wonderland. This themed room can be booked for a private game as long as you have six players ready to compete. The Alice in Wonderland room is great for time trials as well as puzzle enthusiasts who want to spend more time solving elaborate puzzles.
There are many reasons to spend time in a challenging escape room in Philadelphia. Due to the nature of the industry, it is easy for misinformation to take hold. Having said that, we feel compelled to clear the air. Escape rooms can be an amazing way to spend time with the whole family. Our escape rooms have seen guests as young as two-years-old accompany their guardians on their journey. Escape rooms are also a fantastic way to explore team-building with a group of co-workers, athletes, or corporate hosts. Businesses of all sizes can improve their own line of work after seeing their employees compete in our fun yet team-oriented games. After all, you never know how your co-workers will react under pressure until Jack the Ripper is chasing after them!
If you are ready to take back your Friday night, head to the MindEscape website to start selecting your first booking. Look through the many room options available to you and don't hesitate to call with any questions. Here at MindEscape, we want you to escape your mind while you have a good time!

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